Steel Silos

The silo construction is shop fabricated and site assembled type. Design will conform to silo storage and extraction loads. The silo is fabricated in workshop in the form of panels. These panels will be trial assembled and match marked and then these are painted. These panels in finished condition shall be supplied to installation site and they will be installed in specific sequence. Extensively templates and jigs will be used for silo shop fabrication and ensuring correct alignment of silo anchors in concrete ring beam. The panel’s assembly will allow the dismantling of the silo at the later date, if required.

Silo will be finish painted using process which involves blast cleaning to Sa 2.5 Swedish standard, one coat of epoxy zinc phosphate primer, followed by two coats of Acrylic Polyurethane Paint (total DFT 90 to 100 microns), silo internal will be blast cleaned plus one coat of epoxy zinc phosphate primer.

Silo accessories
• Silo will have steel galvanized ladder to reach top of silo. It will meet the safety requirements as per UBC/OSHA.
• Silo will have one large size door with safety racks for access inside silo as well as for carrying aeration pads inside the silo.
• Silo will have galvanised handrails at top of silo all around it. It will meet the safety requirements as per UBC/OSHA.
• Silo roof will be designed for rain water loads, live (human) loads of 400 class and six pedestals for support of air slide and / or pipe for concentrated load of 0.5 tons. Thefilter is preferably located in another building, however if need be, silo roof will be designed for filter load of max 2 MTs.
• Silo will have a access door of size 2100 mm high x 1200 mm wide
• Silo roofs side wall will have nozzle for mounting instruments, valves etc.

Silo Comparison with respect to materials of construction (MOC)

Sr. No.




Heavy construction, results into larger foundation.

Lighter construction, results into smaller foundation


Paling takes place over period crack can develop

No paling and No cracks


The material contact surface is not smooth & concrete particles moves with material forced cause additional friction.

Material contact surface is smooth & it reduces friction while material is flowing


Repairing is difficult

Repairing is easy


Maintenance cost is high

No maintenance if painted correctly.

Steel Silo Comparison with respect to methods of fabrication

Sr. No.




No Ovality

Ovality as per manufacturing site tolerance.


Shop manufacturer:

a) Accuracy
b) Good quality

Site Manufacturer:

a) Cannot match with shop accuracy
b) Inferior as compare to shop paints


Manufacturer overlaps with site Civil work. This reduces project duration

First shell gets fabricated & welded when civil work ready. This takes longer duration.


Highest quality without site inspection & cheats.

Welding, radiography, inspection, rework in part of construction and quality this depend on a skilled worker and fabricator at site.

Shop fabricated panels

Mock Assembly of Panels

Saurashtra Cement Terminal

Bolted Silo Erected at Site