Aerogel Insulation

JL Group holding company – BRIC specializes in design and insulation solutions for industrial applications. With the vision of reducing Global energy consumption, BRIC has a pragmatic approach of offering sustainable insulation solutions. We have harnessed the Aerogel technology to manufacture high-tech insulation from waste and recycled paper. The cellulose based insulation are the only environment friendly alternative from the conventional insulation materials.

Aerogel based panels have significantly lower thermal conductivity compared to conventional insulation materials and have comparable working temperature range, sufficient for most applications, increased service lifetime, ease of installation and effectiveness contribute to cost savings in various applications. The subsidiary company has entered in an exclusive partnership with National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological Universities for being the sole manufacturer of the proprietary technology.

BRIC offers two types of Aerogels – Cellulose Aerogel (CA) and Gelatin Silica Aerogel (GSA) for a wide range of industrial applications.