AEROSIL is an Aerogel Composite Technology which is used to modify the properties of existing silica aerogels to create superior performance material depending on requirement. This technology uses water and minimal chemicals to achieve “greener” and effective synthesis.

Properties :
• Highly porous solid network
• Nano to macro-size air pockets
• Light Weight
• Non-flammable
• Low thermal conductivity
• Effective acoustic absorption
• Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic

Benefits :
• Non-toxic
• Green manufacturing process
• Water based synthesis


** Size - 1.5m (Width) * 28m (Length)

Industry Applications

Oil & Gas - Refineries, Aerospace, Marine Transportation; Cryogenic insulation

Nominal Rhickness - 3mm, 6mm, 10mm
Density - 220kg/m3
Operational Temperature - -1600C to 6500C
Fire Rating - A
Thermal Conductivity W/mK - 0.018-0.020



Oryza Aerogel Blanket is a flexible thermal insulation material made of aerogel ans a variety of reinforcing fibers through a special manufacturing process. This product is widely used in industrial pipelines, petroleum / petrochemical industry, home appliances, construction and others, because of its excellent performance in energy saving and emission reduction. Specific advantages are as follows :

• Excellent thermal insulation performance
• Stable performance
• Fire resistance in grade A
• Easy to construct; increase the effectiveness of space usage
• Durable and longevity
• Safe and environmentally friendly