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Product Description

JL Marine Air Handling Units (AHU) are flexible and individually designed for Marine / Offshore HVAC system and supplied certain amount of fresh air and mixed with the return air, cooling down or heating up treatment and distribute to the cabins/ rooms at the desired temperature.

JL Marine has a wide range of standard AHU with airflow capacity from 4,000 m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr and also designs customised units with all the components used based on our customer’s requirements including Ex-Proof features and components or specific size to meet space constraint. The units are built according to the specifications, delivered with all necessary accessories and minimize installation work onboard.


• JL Marine customized AHU to meet all requirement.
• Wide range capacity & sizes.
• Heavy duty centrifugal fanSection with maximum negative pressure.
• SS 316L drain pan & double drain outlet.
• Steam, hot water or electric heating coils
• Chill water or direct expansion cooling
• Built in humidifiers & silencers etc.
• Airflow capacity which is from 4,000 m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr (standard) – other customized capacity are available on request.